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Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos


PBS students take three papers in their third year, and all must complete PBS 5: Research Dissertation, a write-up of empirical psychological research they have completed. None of the papers are compulsory, however, at least one must be chosen from PBS 6 - 11. A list of optional papers available to students is published before the end of the previous academic year, but choices normally includes papers on social, developmental and experimental psychology, sociology, biological anthropology, philosophy, criminology, education, linguistics and the history and philosophy of science.


  • Papers. A list of papers available in Part IIB and their Paper Guides.
  • E-Learning Resources: The PBS Tripos - Part II Moodle site contains lecture handouts and other useful documents, including links to a selection of the material referenced on the reading lists, available electronically.

last modified Oct 02, 2018.