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Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos


 'PBS allows students to focus on psychology for all three years. This is a fantastic development that can only enhance the already excellent teaching standards and research.' Lucy, Psychology graduate

International excellence

At Cambridge you will be taught by researchers of international excellence. Our researchers are leaders in their fields, who are regularly consulted by the media and policy makers. Their research impacts a wide range of different sectors. Their contribution is acknowledged with some of the highest honours, such as a knighthood for Professor Sir Simon Baron-Cohen and an MBE for Professor Usha Goswami. 

A research-led, multi-disciplinary course

There are many branches of psychology, and you will have the opportunity to study a range of them within this course. You will carry out research projects and dissertations that enable you to explore topics that particularly interest you in both human and animals. Typical projects involve brain and language, gender, neuroscience, addiction, personality, autism, depression, ageing, social interaction, hearing, memory, and visual cognition. From the beginning of your degree, you will study statistics, research methods, programming, and participate in practical laboratory classes to equip you to engage critically with the scientific literature and prepare you to conduct your own research.

Within the course, there is also the flexibility to pursue related disciplines such as politics, sociology, archaeology, biological and social anthropology, computer science, philosophy, natural sciences, economics, and education.

Highly effective teaching

Cambridge offers a world-class undergraduate education. Teaching is provided through lectures, classes or seminars. Some papers include a practical element, which takes place in laboratories. Alongside this teaching, you will have supervisions in small College groups to discuss your work and develop your reasoning and ideas. This additional academic support is what makes Cambridge so unique.