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Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos


Papers for the 2022-23 academic year are listed below. Access to the course links will be granted in the run-up to Michaelmas Term.


PBS 1: Introduction to Psychology

PBS 2: Psychological Enquiry and Methods

A1: World Archaeology (from Part I of the Archaeology Tripos)

B1: Humans in Biological Perspective (from Part I of the Archaeology Tripos)

NS 1: Evolution and Behaviour (from Part IA of the Natural Sciences Tripos)

NS 2: Mathematical Biology (from Part IA of the Natural Sciences Tripos)

PHIL 1: Metaphysics (from Part IA of the Philosophy Tripos)

PHIL 2: Ethics & Political Philosophy (from Part IA of the Philosophy Tripos)

POL 1: The Modern States and its Alternatives (from Part I of the HSPS Tripos)

SAN 1: Social Anthropology: The Comparative Perspective (from Part I of the HSPS Tripos)

SOC 1: Modern Societies I: Introduction to Sociology (from Part I of the HSPS Tripos)


Please note that all papers borrowed by the PBS Tripos are reviewed on a yearly basis and are subject to change.