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Year 1 (Part I)

PBS students take four papers in their first year. Two papers are compulsory: PBS 1: Introduction to Psychology and PBS 2: Psychological Enquiry and Methods. The other two papers can be chosen from a varied list of choices which normally includes papers on Sociology, Politics, Microeconomics, Social Anthropology, Archaeology, Philosophy, Computer Science, and Evolutionary Theory.


  • Part I handbook. The handbook provides students with detailed information on all aspects of the Part I course.
  • Papers. A list of papers available in Part I and their Paper Guides.
  • CamTools Resources: There are three resource websites where students can access resources for the papers (you will need to log on via Raven). The PBS Tripos - Part I site contains lecture handouts and other useful documents. The SPS Library site and Department of Psychology Library site provide electronic access to high demand print material (book chapters and journal articles) referenced on the reading lists.